TheTickleRoom – Imelda The Favorite “The Sexiest Smile” Pt 2 “Pleasure in Laughter”

One of the things a LOT of people may not know is Imelda actually has a foot fetish and is bi sexual. That being said from working with me she LOVES tickling way more now but also fears it. She explained to me that it makes her have an OVERLOAD of emotion that sends her into a weird place of being horny and confused. So it makes her REALLY nervous to shoot and that is actually why she will not do orgasm tickling because she is terrified of her reaction. Well I decide to really PUSH her by using Jolie against her! I have her tickle her feet while I go over her upperbody and you can SEE the panic and HYSTERICAL reaction of laughter coming out of poor Imelda. This is too much and when me and Jolie switch it makes it WAY worse having Jolie in her face taunting and teasing her! Here you go upperbody fans a clip that leaves Imelda LITERALLY breathless.

Length: 4:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Imelda The Favorite “The Sexiest Smile” Pt 2 “Pleasure in Laughter”

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