TheTickleRoom – Imeldas Gang Tickle!

As always when Imelda came to NY it was a BANGER but of course we got one amazing custom with Neko, Layla, and Imelda. This meant it was gang tickle time. So the first clip is all 3 of them in nylons (Loyal fans clip only) facedown and tickled so she is not totally fresh but according to her the nylons coming off made it MUCH more sensitive. Imelda starts nervous with her arms up and feet toe tied in the stocks as Neko and Layla begin tickling her stocked feet. Imelda starts giggling and Layla IMMEDIATELY notices Imelda likes it! Layla gets excited and begins tickling Imeldas upperbody as Neko begins sucking her toes. Poor Imelda starts moaning and giggling before begging. Don’t worry as we use tools Imelda actually starts to get desperate and hysterical from getting tickled on every angle!

Length: 10:19
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Imeldas Gang Tickle!

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