TheTickleRoom – Irenes First Time Pt 1 “Pre Work Feet!”

So Irene REALLY wanted to work with me but her schedule SUCKED. She works a LOT but had a SMALL window right before work. So she shows up with her best friend Desi! Now Desi is talking a LOT of smack to poor Irene who is nervous and explaining how she is 90% sure she is about to be tormented. Now Irene is 23 years young with NICE size 8.5 soles. I get her converses and socks off and start tickling her. Well she is SUPER ticklish with one HELL of a smile and laugh. I tie her toes up and you get a little BTS of her as I start tickling her WIDE soles. Unfortunately for our time I had to move QUICK and really went ham on her feet with what worked. Poor Irene starts her trial by fire with vibrating feet and exhaustion before we lay her down for some upperbody……

Length: 10:51
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Irenes First Time Pt 1 “Pre Work Feet!”

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