TheTickleRoom – Joanne the Army Brat Hyper Ticklish First Time Pt 2 “Hyper Intensity, Hard Laughter”


Here we go…..Round 2 with Joanne the Army Brat. Horny and confused she takes time to take a breathe and then she is strapped laying down for the worst…..upperbody tickling. This is easily the most intense. I thought her feet would be beat but man her whole body is just a ticklers playground. So I straddle her sitting on her legs and tickle her thighs and she is ALREADY over the moon laughing hysterically. “OH SH*^” Is essentially her catch phrase as I then move to her hips. She is so hysterical I stop and let her breathe before starting again. The hips are WAY worse as she starts laughing harder and she starts to lose herself and then SCREAMS. She never safewords initially but then I get to her stomach and it does not take her long. I let her breathe and tease her but then I move to her ribs and tell her “this is the worst for everyone” Then she sits up smiling “WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT RIGHT BEFORE…..” then I break her completely. She is hysterically laughing letting it all out. I start teasing her ears and I can tell this is a HOT spot. She is immediately getting turned on before I move to her armpits. She is HYSTERICAL before safe wording again. I mess with her belly button and she….moans. Uh oh. More happy spots. I tease her and combine the tickling and she is SUPER HORNY again. Now she cannot hold it as she moans, hysterically laughs, then starts biting her arm. I honestly feel this might be my most intense upper body clip in a LONG time.

Length: 8:12
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Joanne the Army Brat Hyper Ticklish First Time Pt 2 “Hyper Intensity, Hard Laughter”

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