TheTickleRoom – Jolies Audition “Imeldas Trick!”

So Imelda got tickled by me AND Jolie. Well Imelda is VERY experienced in being tickled and its TIME for her to give Jolie her first tickle experience. Jolie is a 30 year old tomboy with some well kept size 6s! Imelda is going SO HARD in this clip she shakes the floor and it shakes my camera. Now I thought I WAS mean but Imelda breaks the brush out and goes CRAZY on poor Jolie! I am like IMELDA USE SOME DAMN FINGERS but NOPE she just wants to TORMENT her poor friend! Poor Jolie is flailing like crazy cackling to this new crazy feeling. Well Jolies girlfriend is actually in the background not involved and she at first was not cool with me tickling her. Well after watching shes like “YO GET HER” So I ask if they’re both cool with it and the moment I get a yes….I wish I could show you all the EVIL smile Imelda gave. She KNEW what was about to happen. Now I will say in this clip the camera does shake a little often lol Imelda could NOT STOP bumping the tripod because of how excited she was. Well I tickle Jolie and her face LIGHTS UP with laughter because she was NOT expecting any of this at ALL. Poor Jolie is SPENT at the end but this is just the beginning, as next up is her upperbody!

Length: 13:46
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Jolies Audition “Imeldas Trick!”

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