TheTickleRoom – Kairis First Time “I Hate THAT!”

Kairi is a friend of mine that randomly decided with her friend Jade to come shoot for The Tickle Room! She knew about my shoots about a year ago but she HATES her feet being touched and was NOT a fan of thinking about them getting tickled. Well she changed her mind after a friend expressed interest in doing foot work (Jade) and talked her into joining. Now Kairi and her size 7 soles are normally very much in control. She always gets men to do what she wants even with her shy and very soft persona. So this being her first time tied up you can tell she is actually extremely nervous. The MOMENT I touch her feet she is smiling and lightly making faces trying to get away. Heads up this is one of the CUTEST and most genuine shy reactions of someone getting tickled you will ever see. Kairi HATES her feet being touched so watching her IMMEDIATELY smile and giggle losing short breath even when I am tickling her socked feet. So I tie her toes back and its time. I start with fingers and she is giggling fighting her laughter when I have Jade help me. So I start and Kairi explains her hatred for fingernails on her feet but can handle Jades. Thats when I use Aloe on her feet and its go time. I use tools and shockingly the one that tickles the MOST is her left foot right on her insole. The moment we use the brushes she is LOSING It with this soft giggle that makes her lose composure. Its a really hot experience watching her giggle and lose control while almost squeaking and she HATES it but me and Jade LOVE it.

Length: 13:56
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Kairis First Time “I Hate THAT!”

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