TheTickleRoom – Katy the Ukrainian Chess Masters Audition Pt 1 “Breaking in the Stocks”

Here is one of those AMAZING finds that really turns into a gem. Katy is a VERY shy woman who just moved to NYC from Ukraine a year ago. She is an amazing chess master and an anime lover who is VERY soft spoken learning English while in NY. When we spoke about shooting she was nervous because she was really ticklish and never experienced anything like this at ALL. Unfortunately for her I ALSO just got a new stocks after everyone begging and they are STURDY. She shows up with sneakers and nylons on with no socks so her feet are a little sweaty and VERY soft. Katy is 22 and INSANELY ticklish so we start with her DELICATE feet. We do the interview and the language barrier is not to bad as she silently answers every question before I test her by removing her sneakers and tickling her feet. She giggles and smiles nervously and then were on to the stocks. In the stocks her nylon soles are super ticklish as she kicks and fights my fingers unable to get away. Her giggle is amazing before I find some solid spots and she begins CACKLING and howling with laughter! But its time to get a little more immobile as I tie her nylons to the stocks and tickle her more as I rip one off and her bare foot sends her into MORE cackles. But now its REAL toe tie time as she CANNOT get away from this intense toe tie. She has a bare foot and a half ripped nylon as I test her soles with my fingers. She giggles and smiles as I explore her bare feet. But I am being nice since I KNOW the spots. The moment I start focusing on her toes and the pads of her feet she is HOWLING with laughter and then were onto the lotion and ALL bare soles. She smiles and enjoys the foot rub before I let my fingers fly and she is LOSING IT trying HARD to get away laughing and then as it gets to much CACKLING into “RED” using her safeword. Every single tool sends poor Katy into HYSTERICAL laughter but what REALLY gets her is at the end when I use the oil! This is one INTENSE and amazing foot clip that I am VERY happy to add to the collection of classics as we add our new amazing model Katy to the roster!

Length: 20:42
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Katy the Ukrainian Chess Masters Audition Pt 1 “Breaking in the Stocks”

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