TheTickleRoom – Kimberlys Orgasmic Upperbody

So one of the things about Kimberly is once you get her horny tickling just SENDS her over the moon. I have noticed that she gets REALLY crazy with laughter AFTER sex or orgasms but in this video it is POST bastinado and she REALLY has to pee. So I thought it would suppress how horny she is. I was wrong. I start tickling her and she giggles and laughs but openly shows how horny she is. This starts with flirting and giggling before getting super sexual. The more I touch her the worse it gets. She keeps biting her lips and STARING at me. So I decide fuck it. Lets push as I bring out the vibrator. You SEE the look of excitement and fear on her face as she sees it. Here is a VERY different take on the upperbody style of content I do. I tickle and push Kimberly to Orgasm as my touch now is lightning and sexual. She lightly gasps and moans as I get very intense pushing her. I had a lot of fans ask how to mix intimacy and tickling with some dominance. While this video has 0 nudity it has a LOT of chemistry you will RARELY see me do on camera. I get Kimberly to LITERALLY beg at the end from the intensity. She is SPENT but this is just a taste of what me and her make together.

Length: 7:49
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Kimberlys Orgasmic Upperbody

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