TheTickleRoom – Megans Hell in The Stocks!

So as everyone learned Megan is one of the most ticklish models we have in the studio. But she is a tormenting ticklers dream because she genuinely freaks out. Megan can only handle so much. So in this clip we really break down Megan bad with her own socks as a gag with a blindfold. But watch as I use lickling and making her horny to keep her from genuinely freaking out and losing her mind. She is wrapped on her legs which you cannot really tell and toe tied. I start with lotion and Megans feet are going crazy. She is fighting and crunching her toes. Now Megan cannot handle intense toe ties so she slips out but I tighten them before tickling her way more intensely. She is hysterically crunching her toes before spitting the socks out telling me she cannot do it. I slow down to put the toe ties back and give her a break. I suck her toes a little remove the blindfold and re add the socks. I then grab the foot massager and tickle her soles more. You can see pure panic in Megans eyes. She cannot handle it at all. I then bring out the brush and she is HYSTERICAL. She is fighting so hard I start to suck her toes while using the brush getting a moaning begging laugh through her soft white socks. After Megan is so exhausted and SPENT.

Length: 15:08
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Megans Hell in The Stocks!

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