TheTickleRoom – Megans Jones in “Assistants Revenge!”

Megan is always a joy to work with and I think we have always had a pretty amazing on camera chemistry a lot of fans love. Megan always loves tickling and it has become one of her top fetishes to not only shoot but experience normally as well. Now the time prior to this shoot was Megans Foot games against our HYPER sensitive Megan and Megan Jones LOST. So I know now she is SUPER sensitive and with her SEXY white socks on I already get her moving and giggling. I get her socks off and Megan really does have AMAZING soles that are so soft. The moment I touch them she is a laughing and giggling mess. She crunches her toes and tries to fight my fingers but it doesnt work at ALL. She stretches her soles for me while fighting just making my life easier. Now I know Megan can FIGHT so I have Lucie hold her legs and Lucie is LOVING it as Megan is CURSING her out. Now me and Lucie tag team Megan and you can see her breaking SO I switch it up to Megans upperbody for a short ending and that part is hilarious and amazing as Megan temporarily breaks from the laughter and actually hits me with a pillow lmfao.

Length: 11:10
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Megans Jones in “Assistants Revenge!”

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