TheTickleRoom – Megans Upperbody Freakout!

So Megan’s feet are commonly considered her most ticklish area by fans. That is not true. Its everything from her knees to her neck. Her armpits are ABSOLUTELY the worst. Poor Megan takes very good care of her body so she is SILK smooth. So Megan does a LOT of stalling when it comes to being tickled. I start with her belly and she is actually doing pretty good. Then I go to her ribs and she LOSES it. She is mid cursing me out when I step it up to the armpits. She is hysterical and begging out the gate telling me to stop and we just started. I hold her arms down and go all armpits. She is fighting so hard unable to stop me before she…BITES ME!!! She actually bites my hand SO I get her socks and go CRAZY on her armpits. Megan is already begging god to make it stop through her socks. By the end she is a breathless mess telling me she has no fucking clue how she has EVER handled armpits.

Length: 7:35
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Megans Upperbody Freakout!

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