TheTickleRoom – Neko Yano POV Tickle 2 “Tears and Laughter”

This was Nekos LAST shoot before she moved away (don’t worry she will visit when the world calms down) but lets say this was one INTENSE custom. Poor Nekos toes are tied and her arms are above her head. Now this clip actually has two angles of the same clip. The FIRST angle is Nekos feet in front of your face and she is VERY tied down. Tormenting her with SLOW tickles while pulling her soles back she inhales laughing and whimpering at the fact that she is FIRMLY stuck only able to shake her feet and wiggle. Then the HARD wire brush comes out and she feels the INTENSE digging of a combined laughter and slight pain waking up her nerves. This is a TRUE 10 minutes of HELL as poor Nekos soles are RAW and BRIGHT RED after this session. The 2nd half is the full angle with her face where you can see Neko FULLY break down into a tear filled mess of begging by the end of this video. She said this was by FAR the most intense video we ever did.

Length: 23:39
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Neko Yano POV Tickle 2 “Tears and Laughter”

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