TheTickleRoom – Nick the Pink Soles First Time Getting the Giggles Pt 1!

So here we Nick or as everyone in the foot fetish scene knows her as Pink Soles! She is a 25 year old baddie with a LARGE instagram following of foot fetish lover but….shes never been TICKLED. So its time for her and her SEXY size 6 feet to get the treatment. Now Nick is not over the moon ticklish and admits that early but, its time to find those giggles. I start with her interview in the stocks before I start by removing her sneakers and revealing her socked feet (she does a SEXY toe wiggle in the socks) and then the socks come off. I lightly tickle her feet and is GRINNING ear to ear telling me to go lighter. Then I get her left foot and BOOM I get the foot jerk and a giggle as she begins to focus on my fingers getting used to the feeling but you all know we cannot stop there! Then its toe tie and tool time. I break out some solid lotion and I start getting a louder more pushed laugh as Nick cannot hold it in anymore. But its not going to stop there as I break out the tools and she is unable to stop smiling before BURSTING into laughter. Check out the first part of the sexy Pink Soles getting tickle tormented!

Duration: 15:40.973
Size: 440,668 Mb

Download – Nick the Pink Soles First Time Getting the Giggles Pt 1!

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