TheTickleRoom – Rosies Return Pt 1 “Claudia Lewis Gets a Turn”

So recently a customer wanted a custom…..with Rosie! So Rosie is always around and down for some fun but her schedule is intense. We initially wanted Claire to Tickle Rosie but sadly the schedule and timing was too tight. The question now was….who to tickle Rosie? Well how about none other than the amazing Claudia Lewis!?! So here is a LONG fun filled tickle with Rosie starting with Part 1. If you are a fan and have been here a while then you should be no stranger to the fact that Rosie is INSANELY ticklish on her upperbody. Claudia starts nice and sweet as Rosie starts explaining anything but me tickling her but the MOMENT Claudia touches her armpits its “AHAHAHAHA O WAIT”. Claudia explores Rosies hyper sensitive upperbody tickling every inch of her armpits, stomach, and ribs making her SCREAM!

Duration: 10:28.661
Size: 406,887 Mb

Download – Rosies Return Pt 1 “Claudia Lewis Gets a Turn”

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