TheTickleRoom – Rosies Return Pt 2 “Rosie is Terrified of Me”

Here is part 2 of poor Rosie getting her tormented return. She has not been tickled in so long and she is in utter torment after Claudia just teased and tickled her upperbody relentlessly but sadly for her it is NOT OVER as I step in. She IMMEDIATELY is not happy as she HATES when I tickle her due to the intensity. She is already like “No. no no no no”. I decide to start with making her a deal and you can see the fear in poor Rosies eyes. She is begging and laughs so loud my door actually comes barreling in as she says she hates me over and over from the intensity. I then grab her thighs and before I even touch her she is freaking out. “Anywhere above the knees is NOT OK WITH ME”. I let her tighten her thighs as much as she can as I grab them again. Then its armpits time. BUT ROSIE decides to flip so I grab her inner thigh and ass. She is SCREAMING and giggling as I switch to her armpits. Poor Rosie is a giggling sweaty mess as for the last 30 seconds I go as hard as possible on her inner thighs and knees. But were not done….its feet time.

Duration: 5:17.350
Size: 171,932 Mb

Download – Rosies Return Pt 2 “Rosie is Terrified of Me”

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