TheTickleRoom – Rosies Return Pt 3 “Rosies Foot Tickle Train”

Well I had to show the upperbody fans love but it doesn’t mean I am gonna ignore Rosies feet?! So its time to bring back something that I know foot tickle fans will love…..the foot tickle train. Its me, Claudia Lewis, and Tino from Solely Laughter on poor Rosies size 7.5s while they are toe tied and STOCKED. Rosie is already nervous as I have her toes tied back in stocks. I kick it off and as you all know I am not nice to Rosie ever as I let my fingers dance quickly before adding oil and then using the pet tool. Rosie is screaming but before she can even get a breath we switch and Tino begins an onslaught of fingers and brush tactics. Rosie is a screaming sweaty mess when Claudia Lewis hops in with nails and a brush as well! We top it all off with 2 tools and fingers as all 3 of us attack Rosies feet with her screaming and laughing literally beat and sweaty by the end! But….is it time for revenge?

Duration: 8:18.531
Size: 350,693 Mb

Download – Rosies Return Pt 3 “Rosies Foot Tickle Train”

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