TheTickleRoom – Rosies Return Pt 4 Rosies Revenge on Claudia

O man is this easily one of THE MOST evil clips ever lol. Rosie is hyper ticklish and went through HELL but Claudia Lewis EASILY can take more punishment and in Rosies revenge clip this is truly evil. Tino from Solely laughter (check them out hes great) is Claudias best friend and boyfriend so he knows ALL the spots she hates and me and Rosie easily know our way to torment a lee. Claudias toes are tied and shes stocked nervous for the torment that is about to ensue. We constantly swap positions making sure someone is always on her feet, sides, knees, and armpits! She is CONSTANTLY tickled unable to handle any of it constantly safewording and howling with laughter. The angle is mostly on the feet but I did the best I could to catch all the fun!

Duration: 6:33.926
Size: 295,612 Mb

Download – Rosies Return Pt 4 Rosies Revenge on Claudia

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