TheTickleRoom – Scarletts Fighting Hogtie!

So for those who are new to her Scarlett is a friend of mine who is REALLY ticklish and actually gets a true zen ecstasy out of it. She does amazing with her feet being tickled but her upperbody is where things get really fun. Well in this clip I go for the hogtie and she is REALLY fighting so I straddle her up. She is tiny but STILL bucking me (keep in mind im not sitting im postured up so its not hard but its still impressive). Scarlett keeps laughing and fighting me even threatening to head butt my dick. I flip her over and REALLY go into her armpits pinning her arms. Well needless to say after she made me cuddle with her for 30 minutes and give her a foot massage for 10. She always wanted to come back but never got customs sadly.

Length: 10:25
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Scarletts Fighting Hogtie!

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