TheTickleRoom – Sophias Training Pt 1 ft Tati “Upperbody Focus”

So at one point Sophia wanted to be the MAIN tickler for The Tickle Room. We did her shoot and she POOFED on me for months. Well that was until she messaged me back admitting she was confused by how much she LOVED shooting. She finally let herself gather the courage to return and wanted to be REALLY involved. Now I am always down to have a main female tickler but I have to train them so I figured hell why not use the shoot I booked with Tati! So I ask Tati and she is ALL for it……until she is tied up with me and Sophia near her knees going “WAIT BOTH HANDS???” realizing its BOTH of us tickling her.

Sophia and me start on Tatis knees and she is already a giggling mess but I really wanna focus on some areas Tati never has been tickled much by me in other videos. So we start with her stomach. I show Sophia how to tickle Tatis stomach and she does so well getting Tati to ALREADY hysterically laugh and get embarrassed to the point where she asks if the camera is on. She seems so lost and nervous when I tickle Tati with some side grabbing techniques that make her try REALLY hard to get away to no avail as she hysterically giggles. Then Sophia gets her chance making Tati laugh so hard she ends up coughing and needs a second. She already wants breaks but thats when we get to those ribs. I have never had a model get the rib trick as fast as Sophia. She laughs and smiles at Tati as poor Tati is hysterically laughing and wanting to just leave already from how much hell this is. But….its time for those armpits. I hold her arms down and show Sophia how to spider tickle Tatis armpits and she is HYSTERICAL trying to pull away and staring at the ceiling trying to compose herself. Thats when we double team Tati and she is SO spent and hysterical after she actually has to take a LONG break saying were evil. But this is just part 1.

Length: 9:48
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sophias Training Pt 1 ft Tati “Upperbody Focus”

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