TheTickleRoom – Sophias Training Pt 2 Ft Tati “Nylons Are Worse!”

Sophia is already on the ball with upperbody tickling but now its time to test something I honestly think is a lot harder…..foot tickling. So I add a flair to make it a little different with Nylons. Now I never really noticed but Tati has so WIDE and THICK feet. But the nylons REALLY show that. I tie the nylons down and Sophia goes OFF with fingers. Sophias fingers fly and Tati is a hysterical mess as Sophias fingers NEVER leave Tatis poor size 8 feet. It gets so bad she starts trying to cover her laugh and Sophia is just RELENTLESS as her fingers make me have to actually fix the bondage but then I hold Tatis toes back and Sophia is SMILING before grabbing the brush. Tati is so embarrassed by all this she tries so hard to hide and contain her laugh but Sophia and me now know…..its bare time.

Length: 5:39
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sophias Training Pt 2 Ft Tati “Nylons Are Worse!”

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