TheTickleRoom – Sweet Veronica “The NEW Most Ticklish Woman” Audition Pt 1 “Hyper Sensitive Feet!”

Here we have the SEXY and RIDICULOUSLY ticklish 43 year old Veronica. She is a friend of Esmeralda who barely speaks English but wanted to give tickling a try. She is a trainer and a body builder who is getting back into shape after the outbreak kept her at home. Now when she said she was super ticklish and I figured she would be bad but me nor her would realize JUST HOW BAD she really is. Her size 7 feet are HYPER sensitive (her whole body is). I start with the standard interview and Perla helps me translate if I get caught up (my spanish is not the best when spoken fast). I test her by taking her shoes and socks off and she IMMEDIATELY pulls away hysterical. For a fitness woman and a runner her feet are INSANELY soft. So I get her soles tied in the chair. She looks nervous now as I begin tickling her exposed feet in this entirely new world for her. Perla helps her out explaining some stuff as she is terrified. I start tickling her feet and she is already laughing almost in tears “AYE NO”. I lightly tickle her toes and she can barely handle it. I am going SLOW on her soles to an INTENSE reaction. She bucks her soles in to no avail. “Te Gusta Cosquillas?” I ask poor Veronica as she laughs. EVERY single tool tickles even the feather. The brush DESTROYS her poor soles as she is laughing to the point where she screams and loses breath. The red foot massage tool gets an “OH SH*& OH SH&*” Reaction out of poor Veronica as she follows up with “NO PUEDO!!!” EVERY tool and even light toe tickles brings her to almost tears. Poor Veronica is spent….but we still have upperbody to go…..

Duration: 23:06.985
Size: 799,179 Mb

Download – Sweet Veronica “The NEW Most Ticklish Woman” Audition Pt 1 “Hyper Sensitive Feet!”

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