TheTickleRoom – Tatis Audition Pt 1 “Foot VS Hand”

So Tati is one of those really fun Russian woman who is super vanilla but is introduced to our world of fetish! She is fun and a fan immediately jumped on a custom with her so I said “fuck it lets make this her audition, if people want toe ties they can request it in customs”. I am really happy I did that because it gave us time for that amazing Russian spy set! But here is her ACTUAL first tickle with us! Tati is 28 years old with a great smile, sexy accent, and AMAZING size 8 feet. She is really fun excited for the experience. In this clip we have the standard interview and then we do shoe and sock removal. The whole point of this is I am tickling her toes and feet while holding her toes back. She FIGHTS And has some STRONG toes pulling my hand away. She giggles and crunches her toes fighting me as I do everything I can to tickle her sensitive toes and soles. I use a LARGE amount of lotion and a brush with the pet brush combo. This is one really fun clip with the amazing Tati!

Duration: 14:07.379
Size: 533,22 Mb

Download – Tatis Audition Pt 1 “Foot VS Hand”

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