TheTickleRoom – The Return of Lisette From Secretary to Sexy Pt 1 Tiny Ticklish Toes

Here is the return of the VERY popular Lisette. She worked with me in the past and was VERY much a cult classic favorite. I honestly did not realize how much people loved her until we worked together again. This clip is a tad old now but at the time she was 24 years old and the glow up from when I met her is STAGGERING. From a beautiful secretary she changed into a beauty specialist and hair stylist with a TOTALLY different attitude. This interview is a lot longer than normal but do not worry I give you a solid show of her feet and they are PERFECT and soft. You will hear some giggles off camera but do not worry that is me teasing her bestie who did not wanna be on camera but was VERY interested in the situation.

Now Lisette has TINY size 5 1/2 feet but they are like super sensitive pillows. So soft and plump but she actually cannot handle being tickled too much because it actually starts to hurt and become almost like hell. I start with fingers and she is giggling and begging exclaiming NOOOO as she giggles and fights. She has a STUNNING smile and a LOT of wrinkles as she tries to fight the tickling. I pull her toes back as she gasps and giggles attempting to catch a breath. The tools push poor Lisette WAY over the edge and her facial expressions are pretty hilarious. This is a softer laugh for those fans out there and a VERY popular model who MAY return for the next Texas trip!

Length: 11:43
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The Return of Lisette From Secretary to Sexy Pt 1 Tiny Ticklish Toes

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