TheTickleRoom – Tickle The Therapist Pt 1 Patients Strike Back!

Dr. Mia is a sweetheart who really cares for her patient. She is relaxing with her feet up as always while talking to her patient Ms. Qing who is expressing her unfortunate love and interest in….tickling. Qing begins to really get into how she cannot help herself as Dr. Mia explains she must contain herself. The meeting ends and in between her appointments Dr. Mia is looking over her notes. But it does not take long before Ms. Qing is back…..and she has her eyes set on one person to tickle….Dr. Mia. She grabs Dr. Mia who can barely protest before getting knocked out…..

Dr. Mia wakes up on her own table tied up! Now Ms. Qing is sitting next to Dr. Mia and they argue before Ms. Qing asks……”Dr. Mia… are you ticklish?” Giggling Dr. Mia can barely answer before Ms. Qing has fingers in her pantyhose toes! Poor Dr. Mia is screaming laughing begging for her to stop. But she cannot stop as she continues to grab toes and tickle soles. Dr. Mia fights trying hard to get away but she just cannot get away from Ms. Qings long nails and evil intentions! But after she has had her fun Ms. Qing leaves, leaving Dr. Mia tied up and fuming. Well now her next appointment comes in. A confused man comes in seeing Dr. Mia tied up as she angrily tells him to please get her out. But…he chronically masturbates and has been watching a LOT of porn…..Tickle porn to be exact. Poor Dr. Mia gets more tickling as she howls and screams with laughter begging to be let go after such a long and terrible day. But then when hes had his fun he tells her he is going to get the doctor. Downstairs is a doctor who specializes in….specific therapy….What will happen to Dr. Mia next??

Length: 18:14
Resolution: 1920×1080

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