TheTickleRoom – TickleBusters Vol 4 Ep 1 Sunshine Tampas Arrival “The Best Performance”

Ok guys here we finally have Sunshine Tampa. Sunshine is 29 years old with SEXY size 7 1/2 feet. This story is super long soooo lets get into it. Sunshine came randomly when a fan emailed me about her and explained she was coming to NYC with Indica. We spoke on the phone and she seemed like one of the coolest models I had ever spoke to. So we set up the date. Now on this day I had 2 shoots planned. One with Coco and Monica, another with Sunshine and Indica. However, Monica was 3 hours late and Sunshine 45 minutes early. So I had no choice but to merge the shoots. Now during this time Perla had begun to have a health meltdown. I began shooting gang tickling straight away. But last was Sunshine. She was my last shoot before Indica. But I knew I had to be focused to see if Sunshine was TRULY ticklish. Now I had always heard mixed reviews. Some people say she is many say she fakes it. So it was time for me to truly test this for my fans. Now I will say during her interview Sunshine was VERY honest in saying her neck and behind the ears are ticklish. The rest she seems "maybe" sure about. So we start with Sunshines feet. Now I won't lie, she has some of the sexiest feet I have seen to date in fetish models. I tickle Sunshine to an IMMEDIATE explosive reaction. Now keep in mind Sunshine is an actress as well and I have had personal actress friends "fake" it and it can be REALLY hard to tell. Personally, while tickling her it felt 100% genuine. She was laughing on par with my touches and laughing with intensity. But then at one point she REALLY laughed hard and I noticed a difference. But I shrugged it off. It was when I tickled her upperbody that I noticed it. Her upperbody is "Slightly" ticklish but her laugh was significantly different and more genuine. So personally my verdict is that Sunshine is ticklish but she up plays it. She pushes her laugh harder to make it sell more but in actually reality? She is ticklish. In her gang video you will see her REALLY pushed and actually tickled. I was even told by an outside party "It was the best performance ever put on by Sunshine". So personally I can say I think I have made the best Sunshine Tickling Clip. But I am still not 100% sure on my verdict which is rare. What do you guys think? 

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