TheTickleRoom – Trainer Michelle Finding the Laugh!

So Michelle is a SEXY fitness trainer and model I met who was VERY down to be tickled. I will immediately start off by saying this beautiful 28 year old and her size 6.5 feet are barely ticklish. This video does cover her feet and upperbody though so you get it all! For all my foot fetish or Bastinado/bondage fans she is 100% down for all of that as customs! Her sensitivity is not that high BUT the reason I actually decided to post this is

1: her body and feet are literally flawless

2: She does giggle and we get a few solid laughs out of her!

3: Tomorrow we end the year with her besties audition and she was VERY ticklish.

Length: 9:35
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Trainer Michelle Finding the Laugh!

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