TheTickleRoom – Valeries Tickle Party Pt 1 Ambers Tasty Toes

So, with The Tickle Room opening back up fully for shoots we also got customs! When I got the custom for Amber I remember Valerie telling me she LOVES Amber and thinks she is SUPER sexy and Neko Yano also told me about her new outlook on returning to fetish full time. So after a lot of talking we set the day. We start with Amber and her AMAZING size 8.5 feet. Amber is tied to the massage table with jeans and a short top with her sneakers and socks. They take off her sneakers exposing her grey socks and BIG feet. She giggles lightly until they get her socks off. Now they tie bells to Ambers big toes. Sadly these bells are RIGGED. They CONSTANTLY jingle. So poor Amber suffers as Neko and Valerie constantly bring the intensity up and down. They suck her toes and tickle her soles with fingers and tools. At one point even I get behind her and DESTROY poor Ambers upperbody. Then Valerie and Neko start licking and sucking poor Ambers body pulling her pants down to get to her exposed thighs and panties. This is one TRULY intense gang tickle and lickle tickle. This is 100% the most intense video poor Amber has ever done and Valerie is loving every second she gets on Ambers sexy body.

Length: 23:09
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Valeries Tickle Party Pt 1 Ambers Tasty Toes

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