TheTickleRoom – Valeries Tickle Party Pt 2 Valeries Fantasy Tickle

So in the last video I told you how Valerie REALLY wanted Amber to be her lee. She was so excited but she forgot one of the biggest parts…..They get revenge. Well to be fair I let Valerie go 2nd. She is strapped into the massage table as Neko Yano and Amber remove her shoes tickling her socked feet. Valerie giggles as they remove her socks smiling. Every time she pulls her knee up Amber actually pushes it back down. The moment they start sucking her toes and using the brushes she starts begging obviously a cross between horny and laughing. Then I am fair and jump in for some upper body. She begs even more. Poor Valerie is excited and begging at the intense gang tickling!

Length: 9:27
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Valeries Tickle Party Pt 2 Valeries Fantasy Tickle

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