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Here is a model that with ONE video and ONE preview has become a MASSIVE fan favorite, Veronica. She is INSANELY ticklish on her size 7 feet. She really cannot handle it. To be 44 years old and get the tickling torment she gets is honestly nothing short of impressive. Her energy and laughter stamina is LONG (more content of her coming soon!). Well as everyone knows we always bring the most ticklish foot models to The Foot Games thanks to CJ!

Well we start with the simple shoe and sock removal. We take off Veronicas shoes and start lightly tickling her socked soles fingers only. She is already a giggling mess trying to fight moving her feet. She does well just letting her laugh out as I slowly bring the socks up tickling her bare feet she is already hysterically laughing “AY NO PUEDO!” Well as the first foot gets exposed poor Veronica is already in for it as the 2nd shoe comes off. Her soles slightly shine through the thin work out socks. Now with both of them bare we move on. This little piggy time. Now Veronica does not have good english and is INSANELY ticklish on her toes. So this is a LOT. She CANNOT handle this little piggy at ALL. Her poor toes are so ticklish she is a hysterical mess unable to say anything. Everytime I switch to the soles she LOSES it actually falling back at the end. Well lets move on to the next part. Holding the dollar bill. Now Veronica has INSANELY ticklish soles. So she CANNOT handle this. She is holding that bill for dear life. This is a blessing for all my soft wrinkled soles fans. She is HYSTERICALY laughing while her soles stay CRUNCHED. Next is gummy bears in each toe and she holds these in SO hard they practically become gum ball sized. Then its ALL of it with the dollar. She is BOUNCING and losing it from the intense foot tickle hell. But now here is the HARDEST challenge of them ALL. No moving, no laughing. Poor Veronica is HORRENDOUS at holding her laugh. She covers her mouth and slaps her stomach bouncing trying SO HARD to hold it all in. Remember to get the lickle tickle part from the Foot Room because that video is AWESOME.

Length: 37:04
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Veronicas Foot Games UNCUT

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