TheTickleRoom – Welcome Back Romina The Teacher “20 Minutes of Hell”

Its finally here! The RETURN of the infamous favorite Romina! So once I announced her return I immediately was BOMBARDED with customs. But there was one I was particularly interested in and was a great way to get her back. 20 minutes, nonstop foot tickling. So here we go. I tie Romina to the table and unlike the first time she was tickled she is REALLY bound. The toe ties on her little toes do rip but the big toes stay strong. So now she REALLY gets tickled intensely. Once tied she is nervous as hell as I break worse news to her…..she gets gagged and blindfolded. This was live for people to watch as I torment her poor soles and toes. Eventually the live gets cut for TOS and I loosen the toe ties a tad. I use every tool, fingers, and allow the gag to come out so she can breath easier. The best though is….Romina FINALLY allowed lickle tickling and foot worship!!! I even sync the video (the sound is synced which creates a small echo) so you can see her facial expressions with the blindfold with that sexy laugh. She is hysterical and even runs out of breath. But I will say I am VERY proud of her for even being able to take all that and not safe wording ONCE. This is one amazing return for one of The Tickle Rooms best!

Length: 21:47
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Welcome Back Romina The Teacher “20 Minutes of Hell”

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