TheTickleRoom – Welcome Back Romina The Teacher “JUST THE FEET!!!”

Time for round TWO with the amazing Rominas return! She is NOT a fan of upperbody tickling at ALL!!! But now she is tied up already so I ask nicely and she VERY reluctantly says “Fine but not long and from now on JUST THE FEET”. Well that changed anyway because I did eventually get Imelda and me tickling her but she pinched me lol but that’s a later video. In this one shes pretty well restrained as I unzip her pants exposing more of her sexy belly. I start light and she FREAKS screeching and laughing. She tells me she cant do 5 minutes but I coach her for some fun. I let her do countdowns as I tickle her stomach, ribs, and the worst of them all…her armpits! This is a fun and short upperbody clip with the awesome Romina!

Length: 8:14
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Welcome Back Romina The Teacher “JUST THE FEET!!!”

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