TheTickleRoom – Welcome Natasha Ty Pt 1 “Soft Feet, Stunning Smile!”

Welcome another legend Natasha Ty!!! Natasha is 27 years young 5ft tall with STUNNING size 8 feet. Natasha is a very kind person and we hit it off immediately! We start with our standard style of an interview with her feet up on the table in shoes and socks. Natasha claims the more she is tickled the more ticklish she gets. So lets test it out and start with….the feet! Natasha has VERY sexy and delicate size 8 soles but most of all they are SUPER soft. So I now have her tied up with ALL her toes tied back. I start light and get a nice smile until I find a good spot and get a BURSTED giggle. Natasha has great composure laughing and smiling but ultimately she is just enjoying it. Then I break out something to help lotion her feet up. Honestly her reactions were STILL tame. Welp. Cannot have that. I immediately grab the glove. Now Natashas composure breaks as she giggles and yelps laughing. I notice her toes are pretty bad so I focus there and NOW she is flailing and laughing REALLY hard. Every tool I use gets poor Natasha BAD but this is just the beginning.

Length: 15:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Welcome Natasha Ty Pt 1 “Soft Feet, Stunning Smile!”

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