TheTickleRoom – Welcome Natasha Ty Pt 2 “Upperbody Breakdown”

So we have figured out that Natasha may have sexy ticklish feet but…..her upperbody is WAY more ticklish. I start with her thighs and she is laughing hysterically to start. I work my way up to her hips and same thing poor Natasha is SCREAMING and cackling. I give her a second to breath and she cannot even think. She has never laughed to hard as I continue to keep pushing her hips. I start to work my way to her armpits and she is FIGHTING me when I get them. She LOSES it and starts fighting and flailing around. Her laugh is so infectious. I push her intensely in this one before finally giving her a break with the end interview!

Length: 12:31
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Welcome Natasha Ty Pt 2 “Upperbody Breakdown”

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