TheTickleRoom – Welcome Tickled Tigress Pt 1 “Stocked Tickle!”

Here we have a clip from last year with one of my all time favorite models/fetishists Tickled Tigress! She is an amazing 19 (now 20) year old who loves being tickled and genuinely has our fetish! Me and Claire Coda saw Tigress pop up on the tickling radar and IMMEDIATELY collaborated to get her to us and work with her (check out Claires content with her as well!). Tigress is sweet and young who loves being tickled for the release and fun not really in a sexual aspect which is one of the things we loved about her. This was her first time working with a major producer and she did NOT disappoint. So I get her size 8.5 feet in the stocks with her shoes and socks on and FRESH. I remove her sneakers exposing her socked and sweaty feet. Her socks are pretty thick but EVEN with that she LOSES it the moment I touch her soles taking off in a giggling frenzy. Now Tigress loves to talk smack. So even when she says “be nice” there is no way I can listen. So I toe tie her big toes and take off on her bare soles. She is giggling and BURSTING with occasional laughing fits hysterically. She has a great laugh as I add lotion to her big feet and it makes it WAY worse. She laughs even HARDER as I get to her REALLY sensitive toes. Now Tigress was talking a LOT of smack about brushes saying they NEVER work so I break out the amazing bamboo brush. It DESTROYS her poor soles and she loses it while it makes the lotion goes deeper. But honestly fingers work the best and then….Claire helps me. We double team poor Tigress until she slowly loses her laugh getting exhausted from how hard we are going on her! But now its time for HER favorite…..upper body…..

Length: 9:36
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Welcome Tickled Tigress Pt 1 “Stocked Tickle!”

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