TheTickleRoom – Welcome Vicky Vixxx Pt 1 “SUPER SENSITIVE FEET!”

Here we have the amazing veteran model Vicky Vixxx. Making my way to Florida I did not even realize such an amazing talent was even THERE!!!! Well Vicky does NOT disappoint. I could feel the energy of TA flowing through me and I knew I had a rep to uphold in this shoot. Vicky has been tickled DOZENS of times and she may be insanely ticklish but how could I BE the one to really be memorable for such a goddess. Well I cracked my knuckles and got ready to rock.

For those who are new to her Vicky Vixxx (or Milf Vicky as some know her) is a 38 year old STUNNING goddess with size 7 feet and they are like PILLOWS with how soft they are. But the biggest thing is how ticklish Vicky is. She is a 10/10 ticklish model and her feet are a DEF weak point. I have her toe tied in the stocks and I start really slow and she IMMEDIATELY crunches her toes showing off her bright red pedicured toes. But I need to REALLY get to those weak spots so I pull her toes back really getting those feet but she cannot stop crunching! So I use my arm as a toe bar holding those toes back and REALLY getting in there. Vicky LOSES it giggling hysterically using her toes to fight my fingers. For my oil fans I REALLY get her soles lubed up and I go FAST. I warn Vicky to keep those toes spread or ELSE. And she does as my fingers FLY. Poor Vicky is HYSTERICAL unaware of how fast I can actually tickle. She is FLAILING around hysterically at one point grabbing her toes (it was quick and brief so no penalty). So its GAME time and we break out the tools. Vicky is VERY nervous about the tools but at least she has experienced them before mostly. The brush kicks it off and she is HYSTERICAL. Every tool kind of actually sends her laughter FLYING into the ceiling. But the hand brush actually makes her safeword shockingly!

Length: 16:55
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Welcome Vicky Vixxx Pt 1 “SUPER SENSITIVE FEET!”

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