TheTickleRoom – Welcome Vicky Vixxx Pt 2 “Broken Upper body”

Now Vicky is one SUPER ticklish model and while her feet made her lose it, its time to REALLY go crazy with her upperbody. Vicky is actually SHOCKED at how many spots I find on her that no one tickles. She LOSES it immediately as I tickle her super sensitive knees. She asks for a break so fast and then I decide to move to her stomach. In between hysterical laughs on her stomach she BEGS. Then I move to her hips and Vicky is FREAKING out. The moment I grab she CACKLES “AHAHAHAHA” when I grab both and Vicky LOSES it again before safe wording. The armpits send her REELING and for my rib and armpit fans I even zoom the angle in. By the end Vicky can only tell me that this was HANDS down the most intense tickling she has EVER been through. She is amazing and I 100% cannot wait to work with this goddess again!

Length: 15:38
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Welcome Vicky Vixxx Pt 2 “Broken Upper body”

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