TickleCentral – Violett Gets Tortured By Lela and Jasmine

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Violett had a little bit of fun with Jasmine tickle torturing Lela a little while back. Well it's time to pay the piper isn't it? Poor Violett couldn't have seen this coming. Lela's nails are vicious and it's become pretty clear to everyone lately that little Jasmine has developed quite the mean streak lately. LELA WASTES NO TIME STARTING IN ON HER "FRIEND'S" BARE SOLE WITH HER LONG SHARP NAILS DRIVING HER INTO HYSTERICS. Violett had no chance from the word go she struggles a bit and tries to bite her lip but it's just not going to happen for her. She breaks like a worn out dam and the laughter pours out as Lela's long nails destroy her sole! Jasmine wants some action and she gets it! VIOLETT DIDN'T SEE JASMINE COMING THAT WAS CLEAR AS SHE TOTALLY WENT TO PIECES AS JASMINE'S SHORT LITTLE NAILS BEGAN TO VICIOUSLY RAKE ON VIOLETT'S HELPLES BARE SOLE! Violett went crazy as Jasmine's mean streak continued to come out as she tickles with no remorse! The girls are having a great time and want it to continue so they move up to check out Violett's ticklish upperbody. THE GIRLS DECEND ON VIOLETT'S EXPOSED RIBS AND VULNERABLE UNDERARMS WITH MERCILESS TICKLE TORTURE!! The girls drive her crazy as they invade her armpits viciously as Violett tries hard to buck and twist and avoid the tickle torture but she just can't do it! The girls are just totally relentless!!! Not to leave anything undone the girls break out the lube and the brush and go to work on Violett's bare soles which is another surprise for Violett as she's overwhelmed with tickling sensations again! Great stuff. 

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