TickleCuties – Jacky Stocks and Tickles Jolene

Jacky Joy is one devilish girl – she LOVES to tickle and torment other gals, so Jolene was sure to find herself at Jacky’s mercy, when we had both gals over to hang out. Jolene is locked in the stocks, and Jacky goes right to work, using her LONG, MANICURED NAILS TO TICKLE JOLENE’S SOFT SOLES. Jacky TEASES AND TAUNTS the beautiful Jolene, who is helpless against the RUTHLESS TICKLING, other than wiggling her feet around. Jacky quickly discovers that UNDER AND BETWEEN JOLENE’S TOES is the most ticklish spot on her feet, and hones in on that spot without remorse. Jolene WIGGLES HER TOES AND FEET so much that Jacky then has me TIE JOLENE’S TOES BACK, to restrict her ability to wiggle her feet! Talk about evil! Jacky BRUTALLY TORMENTS JOLENE’S TICKLISH TOES, verbally teasing the beautiful victim throughout! At one point, Jolene complains “These toe-ties are bullshit!” Jacky jumps up onto the couch a few times to TICKLE JOLENE’S ULTRA-TICKLISH UPPER BODY, too, but always goes back to those GORGEOUS BOUND FEET, for more vicious fingernail torment. By the end of this ordeal, Jolene is BEGGING FOR MERCY, claiming “please, I have to pee!” This clip features two of our favorite things: watching the beautiful Jolene get tickled, and watching Jacky torment a helpless pair of feet! This clip is about 90% foot tickling, and 10% upper body tickling.

Duration: 13:17.580
Size: 489,703 Mb

Download – Jacky Stocks and Tickles Jolene

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