TickledPink – Cam is back with a friend ALL FEET! Time OUT Time OUT!!

Ok Folks, Here we go,,Cams return after YEARS! She came in with a new friend court!(more friends to come)

Lets just say court took right to this!! Never did anything like this before and was MORE than happy to tickle her friend cam! She totally enjoyed it and its pretty obvious…Lets just say she got her good and Cam never disappoints! She was screaming ” time out” just like old times,,,a few times court looked at me like” do i really need to time out her?” lol, i was like,,ummm, NO LOL,, and she just stayed on her feet,,we then gave her a little 2 on 1 feet tickling at the end which totally took her almost off the edge,, “WOW, she said,,this is still crazy but fun” told court she is in trouble ( yes a revenge clip was made LOL & it was TERRIFIC! enjoy cams return, she is back and ready for anything we can give her! She has been a great friend of ours for over 12 years now! good stuff..ENJOY

Length: 10:44
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Cam is back with a friend ALL FEET! Time OUT Time OUT!!

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