TickledPink – Destiny “REVENGE is a Bitch girl!”

Ok, Listen up! For all of you that just LOVE revenge clips, Get ready for your next OMG this is vicious clip!

Destiny came in as Saras first friend and sara wanted her in the chair first ( i cannot wait to tickle your feet she said) Destiny obliged and went first,,,In all honesty sara was just going to tickle destiny and be done but after the way sara went after her feet Destiny almost begged us here to get sara in the chair..Lets just say we pretty much made her! LOL,,And thank God we did,,we have found ourselves the next vicious tickler!! She needed NO instruction ,,we KNOW what tickles feet,,the pressure,,the tools, everything,,lets just say Destiny went after it and honestly showed no mercy,,wanted us to even help because she wanted sara to suffer ( but have fun too) she said she never imagined how fun it would be to be able to tickle someone like this and them not be able to move or make it stop! Wait till you see this girl get after Saras feet,,my Gosh,,it was exceptional,,she just dug her nails in and raked her soles like a machine,,when the lotion and gloves came out it was like she was on a mission!! Lets just say when you see this you will see a girl completely wrecked laughing while her feet are tickled,,pretty much a sweaty mess from it all,,But Sara is a trooper & took it like a true tickle champ but WOW,,what a clip,,She mentioned a few times “omg this is bad” and afterwords she said she thought her first time in was bad but for some reason her feet were even MORE ticklish this time round! We are on to something here and its only just begun,,perfect ticklish friends and a NEW vicious tickler that KNOWS how to tickle is what its all about! She asked me to please let her come in when we have new girls to tickle and we are most certainly going to!! Enjoy & your welcome!!

Length: 10:05
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Destiny “REVENGE is a Bitch girl!”

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