TickledPink – Erin is overwhelmed Bare feet “My God why am i alowing this!”

Well, here is our new girl ERIN..it was time for her socks to come off and OMG, anxiety was HIGH..Im not sure where to begin except for just saying it,,She literally hyperventilated when her feet were tickled with her socks on,,the thought of her socks coming off was almost too much for her to even think about it,,She basically said ok, but i feel feint thinking about this..If you are a fan of watching a woman who is seriously scary ticklish on her feet Allow it,,then this will be YOUR kinda clip..We have never had someone so out of breath from their feet being tickled before,,it was a little scary actually but she reassured us she was ok and she agreed to it,,,our tickle gym seat was really no match for her flailing,,at some point we tried to challenge her to try as hard as possible to keep her feet still but to no avail,,it took some serious holding and strapping LOL..at any rate,,as always its hard to stop tickling feet this ticklish so the clip got a little long and we didnt want to break it up so you will be getting a 19 minute foot tickling torture clip for the price of a 15 minute clip,,its just that good if are into serious ticklish feet She is 36 years old and told me this was torture for her for real..in order to get us to stop this clip she agreed to a strapped down on the bench tickling after this so there is yet another incredible clip coming of her where her feet are really held tight and tickled,,as well as her upperbody,,get your popcorn ready!!

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1280×720, 13872 kbps

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Duration: 19:02.141

Size: 1 923,615 Mb

Download – Erin is overwhelmed Bare feet “My God why am i alowing this!”

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