TickledPink – New girl Saras Upperbody gets HAMMERED! “im ready”

Sara came in and basically said she thinks this concept of getting paid to be tickled sounded like a blast and that she was pretty much game for whatever we needed from her! She fit right in immediately,,So in this clip we told her we needed to strap her arms above her head and strap her legs down and we were going to tickle her stomach and underarms really really good and to to prepare LOL she looked up nervously at one point and simply said ” Im ready lol”

And off we were,,she does not disappoint,,her belly, sides and armpits were deliciously ticklish! honestly, she is a ticklee that is truly hard to STOP tickling,, her laugh is so big and just never quits! she actually got more ticklish if that is even possible!! whew, all we can say is we are glad to have her in here! Enjoy:)

Length: 10:11
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – New girl Saras Upperbody gets HAMMERED! “im ready”

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