TickledPink – Saras Friend Destinys FEET Hit the tickle chair!

OK, Guys,,Pay attention..New girl Sara is coming thru big for us here at Tickled Pink and up First is Destiny,, A cute lil barely 5′ tall Cute as a button firecracker! Wow,,where to begin,, lets just say this was the first of an AWESOME shoot with her and she had so much fun she will become a regular here! You can tell right off the bat she was going to play tough girl and she could handle it tude, but were gonna have non of that and Sarah made sure if it. Guys i know this clip is longer ONLY because we just didn’t want to stop tickling her feet! No joke,,she just took it and took it,her laughter & reactions were so flipping awesome!! you’ll see :), her reactions are priceless as well as her laugh and smile!! And her little feet,,omg cuteness overload! We have made a new friend here and i think y’all are going to LOVE her! Enjoy, Destinys feet,,this is one you are going to want to get,,and just a little teaser, her revenge on SARA id epic,,you thought Sara was tickled good on her trip in,,lets just say we found a NEW tickler!! Yes, this lil firecracker is a natural born vicious tickler,,and her upper body clips coming up will just melt ya! Hold on tight, cause this was the beginning of a great friendship right here,,Your welcome!

Length: 16:55
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Saras Friend Destinys FEET Hit the tickle chair!

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