TickleIntensive – Akira All Wrapped Up

Foot Size: 9 (Extra Wide)

Age: 24

Akira is the sort of girl who likes to be in control. She doesn’t like to be questioned, and she DEFINITELY doesn’t like to be in a submissive position, so Dacey and Ari know just what to do with her – she’s wrapped and strapped to the bed, toe tied, and tickled NON-STOP by two vicious women! Akira is EXTREMELY TICKLISH and hates every second of this scene.

Dacey Harlot and Ari Parker have their way with Akira’s ticklish body. They explore every inch of her WIDE SENSITIVE SOLES with their sharp fingernails, tickling and scratching her sensitiver arches. AKIRA CAN’T HOLD BACK AND CACKLES HYSTERICALLY, screaming and cursing with frustration, only to be into more bouts of hysterical laughter as the girls have their sadisitc fun with her feet! When the girls tire of using their nails, they make her scream with dual combs and dual hairbrushes, then they torment her helpless soles with DUAL VIOLET WANDS! Akira’s wide soles are the perfect target for the wands’ sparks and the girls delight in leaving a trail of purple sparks up and down her bare soles, making sure to concentrate on the poor girl’s sensitive arches and toes, causing her to jerk and scream like a woman possessed!!

Of course, Akira’s upperbody isn’t spared either – SHE SCREAMS WITH HYSTERIA AS DACEY AND ARI BRUTALLY TICKLE HER RIBS, STOMACH, AND TITS! She struggles in a fruitless attempt to avoid her captors’ touch, but she’s tied down tight and there’s no escape, so she just laugh hysterically and begs for mercy!

Dacey and Ari tickle their victim to the point of exhausted. By the time they’re finished, Akira is covered in sweat and gasping for air, and as she lay on the bed trying to catch her breath, all she can think about is revenge…

2/3 foot tickling. 1/3 upperbody tickling.

*Fans of sole scratching sounds – don’t miss this scene!

Length: 9:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Akira All Wrapped Up

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