TickleIntensive – Ama’s Ticklish Toes

Age: 29

Foot Size: 10



One of Ama’s nightmare scenarios is a foot tickling that focuses on her incredibly sensitive toes – and at the request of one of our Custom Clients that’s exactly what she’s made to endure, courtesy of vicious ticklers Courtney Cummz and Kitty Quinn.

Ama’s locked in the stocks with all ten of her toes toe-tied individually, assuring her tormenters have complete access to each of her toes and the sensitive spaces in between. Courtney’s brutal with her tickling technique, using her fingernails, the comb, toothbrushes, and the hairbrush to tickle Ama’s toes and soles until the poor girl is a hysterical mess! The ticking goes on and on without a break… and when Courtney does finally stop for a second to allow Ama a sip of water, there’s a heavy price to pay – Kitty Quinn joins the scene and both girls proceed to tickle Ama’s feet all over again! “YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME CRY!” AMA SCREAMS, BUT THE GIRLS JUST LAUGH AND TICKLE HER EVEN HARDER!

The girls persist in tickling Ama until she’s complete destroyed – her toes and soles tickled a bright pink, Ama herself drenched in sweat, her hair and makeup a mess as the girls leave her locked in the stocks for another day…

Length: 20:08
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Ama’s Ticklish Toes

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