TickleIntensive – Beauty Queen on the Bed

International beauty queen Gisela is gorgeous and EXTREMELY TICKLISH, especially on her big size 9.5 feet. She is strapped to the bed in her lacey underwear for tickling session she won't soon forget. Her long legs have been spread wide, effectively immobilizing her body.

Bianca starts with Gisela's feet, tickling those big soles with her sharp nails, forcing her to cackle with uncontrollable laughter. GISELA BEGS WITH HER TO GO EASY, BUT BIANCA IGNORES HER DESPERATE PLEAS, INSTEAD COVERING HER SOLES IN BABY OIL AND TICKLING HER WITHOUT MERCY! Gisela laughs hysterically and struggles as much as her bonds allow, but there's no escape, and she can only laugh as her soles are treated to a vicious tickling. BIANCA TRULY ENJOYS HER TASK AND MAKES SURE TO TICKLE EVERY LAST INCH OF GISELA'S TICKLISH FEET! She torments them with the comb, sawing between her toes and across her soles, making Gisela babble in a mixture of German and English and shriek with laughter. The hairbrush makes an appearance as well, the brush on her soles making her jerk wildly and laugh like crazy.

Gisela's exposed upperbody is just too hot to ignore. Bianca thoroughly tickles her sensitive upperbody, tormenting her armpits, sides, stomach, hips, and her EXCRUCIATINGLY TICKLISH INNER THIGHS! Gisela had no idea her inner thighs were ticklish – but it's the worst spot on her upperbody by far, so Bianca pays special attention to the area, SQUEEZING AND SCRATCHING HER THIGHS UNTIL GISELA IS SCREAMING WITH LAUGHTER!

Gisela is completely exhausted but Bianca's not finished with this gorgeous beauty queen. SHE SUBJECTS HER SENSITIVE SOLES TO A BRUTAL ROUND OF FOOT TICKLING, USING A COMBINATION OF HER NAILS AND DUAL HAIRBRUSHES TO FORCE SOME OF THE MOST INTENSE LAUGHTER OUT OF GISELA YET! After Bianca's satisfied she's finally gotten all the laughter out of her that she can, she leaves a gasping Gisela strapped to the bed, never to look at tickling the same way again.

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