TickleIntensive – Columbian Cruelty

Age: 33

Foot Size: 9.5



Akasha, or rather Goddess Akasha, is a tall, beautiful, and EXTREMELY TICKLISH Columbian Domme who likes to be in control, but today it’s her limits that are going to be severely tested! She’s getting a BRUTAL introduction to the world of tickling – GANG TICKLING WITH NO SAFEWORD TO STOP THE SCENE!

Akasha’s wrapped and tied tightly and to the bed TOPLESS with her incredibly sensitive feet stripped bare and her long toes tied back, pulling her slender soles completely taut. She’s so nervous that she’s already begging in Spanish and broken English before the tickling even gets started, and when Akasha feels Sydney Paige’s sharp red nails tickling her sensitive soles, she EXPLODES into peals of hysterical laughter!


She pleads and begs for the tickling to stop, but ten wicked fingernails soon evolve into TWENTY nails when Courtney Cummz joins in, and both girls proceed to TICKLE THE LIVING HELL out of the hysterical domme! The girls meticulously explore EVERY INCH OF AKASHA’S TICKLISH SOLES with their nails, dual combs, dual brushes, and dual SKEWERS (which drives her fucking crazy)! She screams with laughter, struggling wildly and cursing and begging, all to the delight of her tormentors!

Then Adara Jordan hops onto Akasha’s upperbody and mercilessly tickles her armpits, EXPOSED BREASTS, ribs, and stomach, making it an official GANG TICKLING! She begs and pleads for the tickling to stop, but the only time stop tickling are when they rotate so everyone gets a chance at Akasha’s ticklish feet and upperbody! Three vicious women tickling her at the same time drives Akasha to total hysteria, causing her to scream at the top of her lungs with hysterical laughter and struggle fruitlessly into complete exhaustion.

Akasha’s totally wrecked. Her body is dripping with sweat and her hair and makeup are a mess. She gasps for air and whispers with relief, trying to save her breath for the next ordeal…

Brutal Non-Stop Gang Tickling.

Length: 10:28
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Columbian Cruelty

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