TickleIntensive – I Never Laugh

Foot Size: 8.0

Age: 25

Lissa is wrapped and strapped to the bed with her extremely ticklish bare feet and upperbody completely exposed – even her toes are tightly toetied, rendering her feet toe-tally immobile. Bianca tells her it’s time to laugh, but despite her obviously helpless position, Lissa holds onto her stubborn goth girl attitude. “I NEVER LAUGH,” she declares.

Bad idea.

Bianca doesn’t like being challenged so she really takes the gloves off in this session – and Lissa should be able to handle it, being such a stoic goth girl and all, right??? Her trussed up bare soles make an irresistible target for tormentor and LISSA EXPLODES WITH PEALS OF HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER as Bianca uses her sharp fingernails, the comb, and the brush to brutally tickle her helpless feet! The hysterical hottie alternates between gasping for air and long bouts of cackling laughter – she doesn’t even have enough breath to beg, ALL SHE CAN DO IS SCREAM WITH HYSTERIA AS BIANCA TICKLES HER SEXY SOLES WITHOUT A TRACE OF MERCY!

Lissa’s laughter is classic goth – deep, hot, almost Morticia-like (from the Addams Family), and it only gets hotter when Bianca tickles her upperbody. She punishes her armpits, sides, stomach, and hips, squeezing, scratching, poking, and prodding UNTIL LISSA IS SHRIEKING WITH DESPERATE LAUGHTER!

Bianca tickles Lissa nonstop until she can’t take anymore – and then she tickles her some more, anyway! SHE SCRUBS LISSA’S SENSITIVE SOLES WITH DUAL HAIRBRUSHES, making the poor girl scream with laughter, desperately bouncing up and down on the bed and shaking her big tits salaciously until the tickling finally comes to an end. She’s left tied to the bed, giggling and gasping with ticklish exhaustion.

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