TickleIntensive – Sadistic To Sahrye

Extreme content.

Desperately ticklish Sahrye is strapped to the bed for one of her most sadistic sessions yet. This fiery latina’s size 6 feet are explosively ticklish – probably the most ticklish soles we’ve ever had the pleasure of tormenting. SAHRYE TRULY HATES TO BE TICKLED, SO MUCH SO THAT SHE ALMOST DIDN’T COME BACK FROM THE LAST TIME WE TICKLE HER! But Bianca has a way with words, especially when she’s planning to drive a hottie like Sahrye crazy with a combination of foot tickling and licking!

Bianca begins by worshipping Sahrye’s bare foot, running her tongue up and down her silky soft soles, making her moan with pleasure and really believe that this time the tickling won’t be so bad. “MMM… DO YOU LIKE THIS?” ASKS BIANCA. “WELL, I LIKE THIS TOO!” BEFORE SAHRYE CAN ANSWER, BIANCA VICIOUSLY TICKLES HER BARE SOLES, HER TO LET LOOSE WITH PEALS OF AGONIZED LAUGHTER!! Sahrye is finding out foot worship makes her feet even more sensitive than usual and Bianca uses this to her advantage, working Sahrye up with some skillful foot worship before destroying her with extreme tickle Sahrye shrieks hysterically, pleading for mercy and threatening Bianca all at once, but the tickling only gets worse! Bianca punishes her soles with the comb and hairbrush, making the desperate woman even more hysterical! Sahrye hips shoot off the bed as her sensitive soles are treated to a merciless and seemingly endless tickling!

Sahrye’s extremely ticklish upperbody is also thoroughly explored. Bianca delights in tickling Sahrye’s vulnerable armpits, sides, stomach, hips, and ESPECIALLY HER EXCRUCIATINGLY TICKLISH INNER THIGHS!! Begging and pleading do nothing to stop the tickling and Sahrye is soon covered in a shiny sheen of sweat as she is tickle beyond the point of exhaustion.

Sahrye’s feet are incredibly sexy, especially when Bianca is licking them, and that’s the area the sadistic redhead concentrates on the most. She licks up and down her soles, devouring Sahrye’s toes, making the horny latina shake her hips involuntarily as pleasurable sensations shoot up from her toes to between her legs. But the pleasure is short-lived – Bianca punishes her soles twice as bad as before, tickling them a combination of her nails, the comb, and dual hairbrushes! SHE TICKLES HER FEET UNTIL SAHRYE IS GOING SO CRAZY SHE’S SCREAMING HYSTERICALLY AND RIPPING THE BEDSPREAD APART! When she’s so exhausted she can’t laugh anymore, Bianca finally relents. Sahrye is left strapped to the bed, drenched in sweat and desperately gasping for air, the tickling over… for now…

Length: 10:41
Resolution: 1280×720

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