TickleIntensive – Social Distancing




Ama Rio – Age 28, Foot Size: 10

Dacey Harlot – Age 29, Foot Size: 9

Bondage Prep: Two ticklish women get wrapped and strapped to the bed for a harsh lesson in Social Distancing.

Ama and Dacey take social distancing very seriously… TOO seriously, in fact! They’ve been driving Ari and Kitty crazy with constant demands to wear masks and wash their hands at every turn, so the girls thought a little turnabout would be fair play, and they decided to drive Dacey and Ama crazy in their own way – with non-stop tickle torture!

Wrapped, toetied and strapped to the bed means Ama and Dacey are completely helpless. They can’t do anything to stop the tickling, so when Ari and Kitty start scratching their sensitive soles with their long nails, they EXPLODE with laughter!! Every square inch of their sensitive soles are tickled with their nails, dual combs, and dual hairbrushes! Ari and Kitty even give their victims’ feet some special individual attention – by first ganging up on Dacey’s soles and then ganging up on Ama’s, driving them wild tickling in the process!! Dacey and Ama’s laughter is almost musical, and their intoxicating laughter encourages Ari and Kitty to tickle them even harder, making them shriek with peals of hot desperate laughter! They switch to their upperbody, tormenting their pits, sides, stomach, and hips, squeezing and tickling without mercy as their wring fresh screams of hysteria from their victims!


But there’s no stopping at Tickle Intensive – the tickling goes on and on until Dacey and Ama are completely exhausted, their voices hoarse from all the forced laughter. Have they learned their lesson?? Find out!

2/3 foot ticking. 1/3 upperbody tickling.

Duration: 12:31.150
Size: 747,547 Mb

Download – Social Distancing

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